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Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon



Imagine the game board of Monopoly as a real city. Imagination becomes virtual reality when children play “Monopoly Tycoon.” As the familiar Monopoly board comes alive, old favorites like Thimble or Dog are there, but this time they aren’t game pieces—they are ruthless virtual players.
The parallel to the board game continues in the structure of this simulation. Kids compete against other players (virtual or real over the Internet) to become the ultimate “tycoon.” They purchase land and utilities, construct businesses, collect rents and even receive “Chance” cards.
But this simulation goes far beyond the business strategies used in the board game. Players decide what kind of business to develop, and they manage those businesses in terms of rents, prices, and inventory amounts. They can research business decisions by polling the “sims” that populate this virtual world. Play can become quite competitive as monopolies appear and price-cutting occurs.
Tutorials and single-player scenarios make learning this simulation easy. But attaining the coveted “tycoon” mantle can be quite a challenge in this cutthroat economic simulation, and thus it is skewed toward older children (12-up). Testers swear it is better than the board game!

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Monopoly Tycoon
Company: Infogrames
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