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Zoo Tycoon
Your dream zoo is waiting for you. You just have to create it. There are lions, bears, elephants, chimps, giraffes—more than 40 animal species—waiting for you to build them the perfect home.
In addition to becoming an animal enclosure expert, the challenge of this game is to run the business of a zoo. Do it well and you will soon become a “tycoon”—a zoo tycoon.

As with all simulations, there is a steep learning curve before players can jump in and start building. But with this simulation, the learning curve is terraced by three excellent hands-on tutorials. After learning the basics of zoo design, players can try their hand at scenario-based or free-form play.
With the scenario play, kids will find 13 different scenarios that start on the easy level and, when won, open new and more difficult games. An easy scenario might give the player six months in which to build five suitable animal exhibits and enough tourist attractions to gain a favorable rating for the zoo.

In the freeform mode, the objective is to keep the animals happy and the customers coming so that you have a steady stream of income. However, failing to keep animals happy can result in the closure of the zoo and the inability to acquire new animals.
Building an animal enclosure is a fun study in animal habitats. The program provides loads of information about each animal’s likes and dislikes. Habitat designers start with fencing and move onto terrains, foliage, shelters, and even toys—the key is finding just the right mix.
“Zoo Tycoon” creates an exciting way for kids to learn about animals and managing a zoo. Downloadable animals and additional scenarios add extra pizzazz to this simple simulation. While not as complex as “RollerCoaster Tycoon” or the classic “SimCity”, this sim is a wild ride worth taking.

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Zoo Tycoon
Company: Microsoft
Price: 35.00
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