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Spelling Puzzles Grade 1

Spelling Puzzles Grade 1



First graders don’t normally have weekly spelling tests because they are still mastering the mechanics of reading. Spelling Puzzles Grade 1 combines beginning spelling with phonics to help first graders get a jumpstart on becoming good spellers. Delivered in an interactive workbook format, this software offers 30 pages/screens to explore. While spelling words, kids will also identify the beginning, ending, and middle letters of words, rhyme words, find antonyms, and sort words by alphabetical order.
The interactive workbook format works well because, as children finish a page, their work is graded and they get immediate feedback. After every two pages, kids get a cyber-recess—a fun arcade game to break up the academics.

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Spelling Puzzles Grade 1
Company: School Zone Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac