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Sesame Street Toddler Basics

Sesame Street Toddler Basics



Toddlers can explore traditional early learning with the friendly monsters from “Sesame Street.” Because this CD-ROM requires a child to click the mouse, introduce it after one of the two titles discussed above. This software’s strength is its sequential presentation of academic learning in a fun and entertaining manner. As Sesame Street heads into its 33rd television season, this software mirrors the show’s thoroughly researched curriculum.
Toddlers can play over 25 activities that are leveled. Each area of learning starts with the basics—if it is letters, then Big Bird introduces the child to the letter before Cookie Monster plays a game about finding letters. In addition to letters, toddlers will learn about colors, shapes, art, neighborhood people, and things in common.
There is no story line here. The monsters are darling, but this isn’t entertainment software; this is educational software in its purest form. And for what it is, it is very well done!

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Sesame Street Toddler Basics
Company: Encore Software
Price: 20.00
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