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Students, Tommy and Rudy, have created an exhibition of all the past United States presidents as an entry into their school’s History Fair. The exhibition displays a portrait for each past president. The night before the Fair, two bullies steal one of the portraits. Children join Tommy and Rudy in searching the school for clues to the portrait’s whereabouts.
But this isn’t an ordinary school—in this school the presidential portraits talk, goldfish crack jokes, and monkeys reside in the library. Ronald Reagan’s portrait taunts players with a clue that he will only reveal if they find him some jellybeans.
As players roam through five rooms in the school, they find items to collect and questions to be answered. By responding correctly to questions about U.S. history and past presidents, players earn clues. An onscreen database is invaluable in finding answers to such questions as: “What President is known as the Father of the Constitution?” or “What does impeachment do?”
To win the game, players will answer approximately 50 of the program’s 400 questions. Since these questions are how sleuths obtain clues, kids willingly research the history database to solve the mystery. As with “Oregon Trail,” this software is enough fun to be played at home, but is educational enough to be marketed to schools with separate lesson plans.

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Company: Flying Rhinoceros
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac