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The Oregon Trail 5th Edition

The Oregon Trail 5th Edition



Journey back to the 1840s to join a wagon train traveling along the Oregon Trail.
The Bottom Line
A wonderful historic simulation that teaches kids about being a pioneer on the Oregon Trail.

Historic Simulation

The Oregon Trail 5th Edition is historic simulation game where children become pioneers, join a wagon train, and head west on the famous Oregon Trail. Kids learn about life along the trail by making everyday decisions including the path of travel, how much food to eat, what to carry, when to stop and rest, and how to trade. Rivers have to be crossed, animals hunted, and plants and fruits collected. Throughout the journey, players can meet and converse with historic characters.

Join the Montgomery Family's Journey

This version of "The Oregon Trail" series is the best to date because of the introduction of the Montgomery family—three children traveling along the trail to meet their father in Oregon. The Montgomerys' exploits come to life through a series of six animated movies, journal entries, and campfire tales told by their guide.

Learn by Experimenting

As with the previous versions, children learn the history of the Oregon Trail by experiencing at first hand what works and what does not work on the trail. If you don’t caulk your wagon before you ford a river, you will lose some of your supplies.
To travel successfully all the way along the trail, children will need to consult onscreen resources, including the "Oregon Trail Guidebook." They will experience many hours of trial and error before they reach Oregon. But this effort helps to make their learning all that more personal and their success all the more sweet.

Best For

This software is great for school or home settings. A separate teacher version is available.

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The Oregon Trail 5th Edition
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 25.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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