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Rescue Heroes Meteor Madness

Rescue Heroes Meteor Madness



With this software, youngsters can save the world! A storm of meteorites has pelted the earth, trapping people and animals throughout the world. Players team up with the Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes to go on missions to save the victims of this natural disaster. As Rescue Heroes, kids fight fires in the Australian Outback; snowboard down Alpine slopes to rescue folks trapped by an avalanche; navigate a watery maze of floating props and scenery to find stranded actors in a flooded movie studio; and scale canyon walls to rescue trapped rock climbers.
There are 12 possible missions, three each in four locations. The three missions at a given location vary in difficulty from “Trainee” to “Specialist” to “Expert.” To solve a mission, children will play arcade-type games, some of which require critical thinking. For example, at the Klondike Canyon location, children climb up notched paths in the canyon walls while avoiding flying vultures, falling rocks, or head-butting mountain goats. The game-play is arcade style, but to find the stranded hikers, kids need to use navigational skills to plot their progress on a grid.
This game is loads of fun. The directions of how to play are clear. The graphics are well done. The missions have a nice variety of arcade action with response times appropriately set to the level of difficulty selected by the child. Children get to interact with different Rescue Heroes who are all very cool. Do-gooding never felt better, as children gain confidence by conquering virtual disasters.

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Rescue Heroes Meteor Madness
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac