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The Mummy Mystery

The Mummy Mystery



Little Monster Private Eye and his sidekick Detective Kerploppus are monsters “on a case” in ancient Monster Egypt. They are looking for the renowned Egyptologist Professor Pickle, who is missing and believed trapped inside the Tomb of Thanxfurnuthen.
The only way into the Tomb of Thanxfurnuthen, is to find the five Magic Rings, which are hidden throughout Monster Egypt. Players search through 25 different scenes to find scarabs, clues, and things to pick up. Things picked up in one scene may become useful later in the game. The scarabs are the currency used in this virtual world, so they buy things, including a needed camel to ride across the desert.
Rife with puzzles and traps, these ancient ruins make great mystery fodder. The software provides three different pathways and each contains numerous mini-games. There are 11 games in all, and while some are just for fun, others may lead kids to one of the missing Magic Rings.
This is a fantastic mystery to solve. It teaches children logical thinking by having them investigate. The interchanges between Chief Inspector Little Monster and Detective Kerploppus are quite amusing. The imbedded games are clever and challenging, but doable. A journal written by the missing professor provides hints—but they must be read. Thus, while the box lists ages 4-up, this software is best for children 7-10. The Mummy Mystery offers great value because it is inexpensive (only $15) while providing hours of sleuthing fun.

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The Mummy Mystery
Company: Infogrames
Price: 15.00
Platforms: Mac