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Max and the Magician

Max and the Magician



This adventure sends kids traipsing through the wacky house of a bewitched magician. Max, a puppy, has been sent on an errand by his inventor uncle to deliver a special broom to Mervin the Magician. Upon arriving at the magician’s house, Max discovers that Mervin has been turned into a toilet brush. The spell to undo this calamity has been broken into 7 parts and scattered throughout the magician’s house. Players join Max in searching through the 12 different scenes to find the parts to the spell. In the process, players encounter some games and numerous animated surprises.
This is an easier adventure to play than the Little Critter title. It challenges children to search carefully but does not require the logical thinking of the Little Critter title. The transitions between scenes can move a little slowly, and the embedded games are not very educational.
On a positive note, this software adventure doubles as an interactive story and thus words are highlighted as they are read aloud. This software enables children to listen to the story in four different languages including English, French, German, and Spanish.

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Max and the Magician
Company: Tivola
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac