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Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter and The Great Race

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter and The Great Race



Little Critter, the beloved monster star of Mercer Mayer’s books, wants to win the Critterville Soapbox Derby, and he needs your child’s help. Kids decide which of three cars Little Critter should build. With plans in hand, they set off with Little Critter to comb Critterville in search of the necessary parts
Players trek to more than 20 locations, including Little Critter’s house, the school, the junkyard, and the zoo. At each location, players meet new characters and perhaps find or win an object to place in their inventory. Those objects may be traded or used at other locations to acquire the necessary car parts.
This process of acquiring the car parts is complicated. Some parts are earned after playing one of five educational games. Others involve logical thinking and many intertwined steps. For example, to acquire some wooden boards, players need to find, sort, and recycle empty soda cans to acquire a coupon. If they take the coupon to the hardware store, they can get boards for free. Only, the boards are too long, and thus players need to find a way to cut them. Umm... the Karate Dojo might be worth visiting.
Once the car parts are found and assembled, players get to enter the race and control the car.

This adventure is engaging, and Little Critter is adorable. This format plays like the Humongous’ “Freddi Fish” or “Putt-Putt” adventures but is easier to win.
The navigation takes some getting used to in that it is sometimes hard to find the arrows that allow you to move to another screen. Also, the process of giving an object to another character for trade can be confusing. But, once children get the hang of it, kids will enjoy this adventure. Because there are three different cars for the player to build, there are three pathways to explore.

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Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter and The Great Race
Company: Infogrames
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac