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Clifford Learning Activities

Clifford Learning Activities



Kids play 10 learning games with Clifford The Big Red Dog!
The Bottom Line
This Clifford software is fun of learning and tail-wagging fun.


This software lets children explore 10 different learning activities with their gigantic friend, Clifford The Big Red Dog. Clifford, the literary and PBS television star, and his dog pals are trying to win a "Best Dogs Ever" contest sponsored by a magazine. They decide to create a scrapbook to submit to the contest.

How To Play

Players join the canines as they explore their hometown of Birdwell Island. Youngsters use matching, sorting, counting, rhyming, and early reading skills as they lead the pack of dogs through acts of kindness. Every time they help someone, a new snapshot appears in the scrapbook.
Some of the good deeds include assembling a playground in Cleo?s backyard. Players put together a jungle gym by matching colored or lettered pipes. They construct a slide by completing patterns, and build a play boat by arranging blocks in grids.
The pack of do-gooders also helps the sheriff find his lost keys by navigating a maze; they count fruit for a teacher wanting to make pies and match cloud shapes that rhyme for a writer.

Game Analysis

Clifford is as charming as he is big, and kid-testers loved playing with him. This software encourages learning in a fun environment. The activities increase in difficulty but are also controllable manually, and there is lots to do with 10 different activities. This Clifford software is tail-wagging fun.

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Clifford Learning Activities
Released: 10/15/2001
Company: Scholastic
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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