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Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?

Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?



Young fans of the "Bob the Builder" television show, are going to love this CD-ROM because Bob, Wendy, and their animated machinery friends are ready to play 13 different games with kids. The software opens in Wendy’s office, which serves as the main menu. By clicking around, kids will find the different games to play.
In the “fix-it” games, players control the characters to help them figure out how to fix something. For example, children direct Bob the Builder as he puts together parts to a new plumbing and heating system—helping match outlines on the wall to the actual part. What’s more, kids position Lofty, the nervous crane, to knock out broken pillars of a bridge with a wrecking ball so they can be rebuilt.
There are also racing games where kids get to drive Scoop (the backhoe) or Dizzy (the cement mixer) around a racetrack. Other activities include a creative cake decorating activity, hide-and-seek with Pilchard the cat, a crow-chasing romp with scarecrow Scary Spud, and a rootin’-tootin’ line dance activity.
This software houses 13 different activities—a large number for children’s software. Most provide three levels of difficulty. Playing these activities empowers children by letting them become the “fixer.”
This software’s strength is that it allows children to play with beloved television characters in a nurturing environment that requires them to solve problems. A minor quibble is that some of the activities lack depth.

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Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?
Company: THQ
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