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I Spy Treasure Hunt

I Spy Treasure Hunt



Based on the Jean Marzollo book bearing the same name, this software brings beloved “I Spy” puzzles to the computer. For those of you new to “I Spy” puzzles, players are presented with a scene and a riddle, and players must find hidden objects within that scene.
The setting for this game is the little seaside town of Smugglers Cove Rumors have it that once, long ago, pirates came here to bury their treasure. As players explore the 40 different scenes that make up this beautifully rendered village, they will find 60 “I Spy” riddles. Solving these riddles reveals portions of three separate pirates’ maps.
Kid-testers love the challenge of these puzzles. The addition of the three treasure hunts serves as great motivation to work through all 60 puzzles. The only slight negative is that you will eventually finish all the puzzles. But with 60, it is hard to remember exactly where that “postage stamp” is hiding.

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I Spy Treasure Hunt
Company: Scholastic, Inc.
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac