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Typing Instructor Deluxe Edition Version 11

Typing Instructor Deluxe Edition Version 11



Tap the keyboard as you travel the world.
The Bottom Line
Customizable typing program makes learning this skill fun.

Travel the World As You Type

This typing program lets you travel the world as you learn to type. Typing accomplishments are rewarded with passport stickers as players practice typing against scenic backdrops of famous places around the world.

Customized Typing Program

By taking a typing test, the program customizes a typing plan that focuses on the typist’s areas of weakness. The program offers continual feedback, your choice of music to type to, selection of material to type including children’s books and magazines, and eight fun games.

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Typing Instructor Deluxe Edition Version 11
Company: Individual Software Incorporated
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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