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Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge

Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge



By setting puzzles in daring environments such as mammoth pillars of rock or scorpion dens, and challenging kids to become hoverboard gymnasts, Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge manages to combine edgy, hip entertainment with solid problem solving. The result is a thinking game preteens are willing to play.
Kids join Max Blaster and GC (an alien girl) at the Hero Training Academy. There, the Zen master of hero training challenges players to a series of five missions. Missions are won by collecting points. Points are earned by playing in competitions that include thinking games, logic puzzles, and hoverboard obstacle courses.
Five different thinking games can appear within a mission. Players might have to navigate a maze set on top of rock piles where bridges disappear once passed over.
Kid-testers loved earning points by navigating a hoverboard obstacle course and performing special moves. Perfecting “tail grabs” in mid air produced many loud whoops.
Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge works so well because it combines fast-paced, “beat-the-clock” game play with innovative thinking games. It stays fresh and challenging by randomizing the games and offering increased difficulty in the missions. Pulsating music and an announcer with an attitude also add to the fun.

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Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac