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Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine!

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine!



Reader Rabbit, the spunky buck-toothed hare who has been teaching children through software for over 17 years, has a new look and focus in this grade-specific title. This Reader Rabbit is more hip-looking. He is still all about learning, but he is now equally focused on having fun.
In this adventure, Reader and his friends solve the mystery of why it’s raining galoshes and umbrellas. Their sleuthing leads them to a crazy misguided inventor who is causing havoc with his raingear-throwing machine.
The inventor agrees to turn off the machine but needs help finding three items. As children search the clouds, Raingear Forest, and the inventor’s workshop, they meet fanciful characters, play academic games to collect items for exchange, and eventually end up with the three needed items. In the process, children learn about letter sounds; use logic in puzzles, patterns, and sorting activities; spell words; practice addition, subtraction, and the counting of money; and learn science facts.
This software gem works well because the mystery is compelling, the program automatically adjusts the academic challenges to meet the child’s abilities, and it presents learning games that are actually fun to play.
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine! assumes some mastery of 1st grade curriculum, so beginning 1st graders may need some parental help. This software would be a perfect way for incoming second graders to review the past year.

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Reader Rabbit 1st Grade: Capers on Cloud Nine!
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac