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The Princeton Review: High School Edge

The Princeton Review: High School Edge



The Bottom Line
A good investment in your child’s future.
The focus of this suite is to help with study skills, particularly for those high-schoolers planning to attend college. It has seven CD-ROMs and covers the following 10 subjects: Algebra 1, Geometry, Anatomy, Health, SAT Vocabulary, SAT Test Prep, Report Writing, Research, Spanish, and French. Although this suite has not been updated in two years, the lack of updating is not critical.
The Algebra 1 and Geometry presentations are well-organized and easy to use. In fact, testers found the method of presentation and the interactive step-by-step explanations more helpful than those found in High School Advantage 2002.
In addition to strong math presentations, this suite excels in helping children learn how to research and write reports. It contains the Compton’s Reference Collection, which includes an encyclopedia, an atlas, a dictionary, a very helpful writer’s handbook, and six other references.
Another strength of this suite is the attention it gives to SAT preparation. It gives teens tips, practice tests, and strategies for taking that big exam.
This suite is less focused on specific academic courses and more on how to help teens learn to research and prepare for college.

The Bottom Line: A good investment in your child’s future.

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The Princeton Review: High School Edge
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