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Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe

Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe



Timmy, a curious green alligator, invites children to adventure with him as he travels to Argentina, France, Japan, Kenya, and Russia. The focus of this software is the comparison of different cultures. However, children also get foreign language exposure.
As children visit a country, they can sing along with native songs, create a story which can then be read in the foreign language or in English, play a local game, explore arts and crafts native to that country, or build a native village by choosing the number or quantity of objects to place in that village. As they travel, children always have access to a foreign language dictionary.
This title works particularly well in a school environment, but it can be fun for a parent and child to explore together. It is only available online at www.riverdeep.com.

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Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe
Company: Riverdeep Interactive Learning
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac