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Building Perspective Deluxe

Building Perspective Deluxe



This software is currently only available in a school edition, and thus it is more expensive than a home version. It helps students to learn spatial awareness by challenging them to three different visual puzzles. Children can play these puzzles individually or as part of a treasure hunt, and each has multiple levels of difficulty.
“Postcard”, the strongest activity, presents students with three different postcards representing three different perspectives of the same block of buildings. The software then challenges children to recreate the placement of the buildings on a grid. This puzzle is an excellent way to teach children to use deductive reasoning to solve three-dimensional problems.
Another puzzle requires students work with three-dimensional keys that fit into locks. This puzzle is very challenging and would have been better if it had provided some help when a student is struggling. In the third puzzle, students create a path through a city map using geometric pieces. The pieces cannot overlap, run over buildings, or go off the grid.

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Building Perspective Deluxe
Company: Sunburst Interactive
Price: 99.95
Platforms: Mac