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There is nothing like a great set of 3-D blocks to spark a child's imagination.
The Bottom Line
An fascinating 3-D block set for kids to use to build things from their imaginations.

Digital 3-D Block Set

There is nothing like a great set of 3-D blocks to spark a child's imagination. This time, the block set is found in your computer. Because it is virtual, it can offer unique play opportunities not found in the real world, such as environments without gravity.

How to Play

This nifty program is simple and straightforward in its approach -- a real plus when you are trying to encourage children to simulate a block experience on the computer. Children will find an inviting workspace in which to build. Surrounding the workspace is a series of easily identified icons. By clicking on the "blocks" icon children will find 15 different shapes of blocks; the "objects" icon leads to 37 additional block shapes or objects. Children can also add colors and/or textures to their blocks, and they can fool around with the appearance of the background.

App Analysis

In addition to these standard blocks and objects, GollyGee Blocks offers experiences unique to playing with blocks on the computer. Children aren't limited to specific block sizes -- they can easily stretch any block in several directions to create their own unique building material. Also, blocks don't simply have to be placed on top of one another -- they can be placed inside another block and then be extended or they can be made to "float." One of our kid-testers had a great time inserting wings on many of his creations.
Another interesting aspect of this program is the ability to view your work from many unique angles. Builders can rotate the environment so that they can observe their work from any angle -- including looking down, or up from underneath the building plane. They can also build using a wire frame mode.
GollyGee Blocks offers an extensive Activity Guide filled with building and teaching ideas on its website at gollygee.com. They offer activities that cover art, math, science, social studies, language arts, and just for fun.

This is an updated review. The original was published on June 8, 2001.

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GollyGee Blocks
Released: 1/1/2000
Company: Golly Gee Softwre, Inc.
Price: 9.99
Platforms: Mac
Available: Apple App Store

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