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Spy Fox: Operation Ozone

Spy Fox: Operation Ozone



The Bottom Line
Hilarious 007-type spy game filled with delightful logic puzzles and tons of adventure.

007 Knock-off Adventure

This brand new title pits super sleuth Spy Fox against cosmetics queen Poodles Galore. In a moment of excessive self-centeredness, Poodles decides to spray the ozone with a giant aerosol can that she has launched into space. By zapping the ozone, Poodles plans on making mega bucks by selling her super-duper sunscreen?the only one strong enough to protect people once the ozone is gone. Children join Spy Fox to thwart this diabolical scheme and in the process save the world.

How to Play

To stop Poodles Galore, players need to help Spy Fox find Plato Pushpin, the unlucky "cosmetics rocketry" expert that Poodles coerced into designing the giant hairspray station. Only he knows how to make a "congeal pill" to stop the hairspray. Upon being rescued, Pushpin solicits Spy Fox's help in finding four special ingredients for his pill.
Children help Spy Fox by exploring the 36 different scenes of this virtual world. In the process, kids meet numerous zany characters. The characters can be a great source of information, or they may be willing to make a trade for a specific object.

Game Analysis

Navigating this program is complicated but not overly so. There are two main hubs from which children explore -- one starts inside Spy Fox's super sleek spymobile, and the other is from the "Street."
As children play this adventure, they will discover that locating the needed ingredients isn't easy -- but that is part of the fun. Finding one ingredient alone may involve as many as eleven different steps and the use of several cool spy gadgets.

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Spy Fox: Operation Ozone
Released: 5/3/2001
Company: Humongous Entertainment
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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