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Most children love amusement parks. In this sequel to Sim Theme Park, kids get to play in a virtual theme park; and, in the process, they learn a heck of a lot about the economics of running a business.
Here’s the setup: The President of SimCoaster Theme Park is about to retire, and he is looking for his replacement. He hires you as an assistant manager and dangles the Presidency if you can prove yourself by working your way up the 15 levels of the corporate ladder.
To be promoted, players must fulfill a series of objectives. An objective may be as easy as having 40 attendees in your park or as complicated as expanding the park to a certain designated area. In addition, there are several extra “challenges” that the directors of SimCoaster will give you.
Players design a park using an interface that makes choosing and placing rides easy. There are also booths, entertaining side shows, food stalls, and amenities to place. For those who enjoy the challenge of designing their own rides, there is the Coaster Design Kit—a place to build a new ride away from the demands of the simulation. The finished ride can then be used within the park.
The software teaches children about running a business from a first-hand perspective. Budding park entrepreneurs quickly learn that they can’t just place rides in their park; they need a plan. They also learn to hire staff to repair rides, clean the park, and research new attractions. As in the real world, children will be faced with business challenges including personnel demanding wage increases and threats of strike.

The emphasis on this simulation, unlike Sim Theme Park, is business management and accomplishing goals. It is a great way to learn how to run a thriving business.

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Company: Electronic Arts
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