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I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse

I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse



This software does an excellent job of adapting Jean Marzollo’s I Spy books to the computer. Children choose to play in seven different areas. Four of the areas host traditional “I Spy” rhymes where children are challenged to answer the riddles by finding objects within a crowded screen. However, in each of these areas, as children “spy” and click on the answer to the riddle, a puppet tells a story. To hear the conclusion of a story, children must continue to the next riddles and find more objects.
The three other activities include: following directions to build a puppet on the screen, playing a great sorting game, and creating a make-your-own-I Spy.
The strengths of this software are many. This is a great way to learn both vocabulary and early reading skills because the riddles highlight words, say them aloud, and show a picture of the hidden object. Hunting for hidden objects to solve a riddle requires children to use visual discrimination and memory. The sorting activity develops early math skills by teaching children to classify objects by attributes. When making puppets, children must learn to listen to directions.
The software has one weakness: eventually the puzzles repeat. However, some young kids like to repeat books or software activities as they learn.

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I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse
Company: Scholastic
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac