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Standard Deviants: Algebra

Standard Deviants: Algebra



Based on the Public Television Series, “Standard Deviants,” this software combines approximately two hours of entertaining video content with interactive quizzes. The video presentations are at times hokey, but they are amusing enough to keep children entertained as they educate
The software presents an overview of Algebra by introducing the subject matter in three parts: What is Algebra, Functions, and Linear Equations. This software’s strength is that it teaches math in a zany and funny manner. Its weakness is that most of the presentation is passive watching of videos
The software connects to the Internet for additional materials including algebra quizzes, tests, study cards, and puzzles. It also comes with a separate quiz-game CD that tests knowledge of algebra, general math and several other subjects.

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Standard Deviants: Algebra
Company: Cerebellum Corp
Price: 30.00
Platforms: N/A