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Disney's Winnie the Pooh Baby

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Baby



This title introduces the world of the Hundred Acre Wood depicted on a quilted baby blanket with a border of icons for parents to use with the mouse. The child uses the keyboard. Any hand gesture on the keyboard will trigger an animated sequence in the center of the quilt. Children can be directed by their parents to play with Pooh and his friends: Eeyore, Piglet, Roo, and Tigger.
With Pooh, children bop to have Pooh search for honey in one of his three pots. With Eeyore, they bop to help a very gloomy Eeyore paint a picture. They play music with Roo, peek-a-boo with Tigger, and ?Do what I do? with Piglet.
Parents can use the icons to have an activity repeat or to have a character tell the child that they have done a ?Good Job.?

There are several reasons this is just an average program. First, the response times to the child are inappropriate. There is a lag time between the time when the child hits the keyboard and the character does something on the screen. Second, the program has too much uninterruptible speech. If a character is speaking and the child bops, nothing happens except that the character continues to speak. Third, there are only five activities?a small amount for any children?s software program. Fourth, there is no way to personalize a child?s experience with the computer.

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Disney's Winnie the Pooh Baby
Company: Disney Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac