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JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set

JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set



JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set is a brand new version of the older JumpStart Baby title that was first introduced in 1998. That older title was poorly designed but this new version is excellent.
Teddy the Bear is the host of the nine activities found in JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set. The software is set up so that all the child needs to do is “bop” the keyboard. Each bop creates an immediate reaction on the screen.
Youngsters can bop their way through peek-a-boo games, coloring pictures, watching pictures or videos of family and friends, talking on the phone, singing songs, and more. Eight of these nine activities are strong, and some are downright adorable. The one that is weak involves an animated baby attempting to do hand motions to well-known songs.
This program works so well with young children for two reasons. First, its response time to the bops is immediate—the child hits the keyboard and something fun and interesting happens on the screen. Second, it creates an environment that is immensely interesting to the child. JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set provides parents with the ability to personalize their child’s experience. Parents can add photos, videos, and even personal sounds to three of the nine activities. Grandpa’s voice and photo can show up in the phone activity.
Since both the old and new versions of “JumpStart Baby” are available in the retail market, be careful to look for the words “Deluxe” or “2-CD Set” on the JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set box so that you buy the newer version.

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JumpStart Baby Deluxe 2-CD Set
Company: Knowlledge Adventure
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac