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My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0

My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0



This title presents a powerhouse of geography information through a variety of games, maps, interactive journeys, and videos. Because its presentation is very academic, this title works well in a classroom as well as in a home looking for a reference title.
One of the games is an interactive world scavenger hunt. Players help deliver a package to a boy who is travelling around the world with his parents. The boy leaves clues about where he can be found. Children use the onscreen database to find the boy’s location. However, this boy is on the move; so it takes several clues before you can rendezvous. Kid-testers liked this learn-as-you-go adventure.
The maps and videos in this software are wonderful. Children can learn so much by clicking around and exploring the many inviting icons. This product is also found in World Explorer Deluxe, where it is packaged with a history title to create a dual software offer.

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My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0
Company: DK Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac