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JumpStart 1st Grade Deluxe

JumpStart 1st Grade Deluxe



This two CD-ROM title upgrades the previous version of JumpStart 1st Grade and adds a second disk of additional activities. On the first disk, children join Frankie the Dog and his JumpStart pals in a series of treasure hunts. To earn clues for the treasure hunts, children play 12 activities set in a schoolhouse.

These 12 activities cover a wide range of topics including: math, telling time, reading, grammar, spelling, science, art, and music.

Each of these activities has 3 levels of difficulty which progress automatically. However, unlike Reader Rabbit 1st Grade and Buzz Lightyear 1st Grade, JumpStart 1st Grade Deluxe allows the child or an adult to adjust the levels manually as well.
The second disk presents a series of global adventures. The learning in these adventures is not substantial, but children are exposed to different countries and their cultures.
JumpStart 1st Grade Deluxe beats the competition in three essential arenas: its content is better and more substantial, it is more fun, and it is easier to play. This is the best all-purpose first grade title on the market!

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JumpStart 1st Grade Deluxe
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac