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Reader Rabbit 1st Grade with Learning Creations

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade with Learning Creations



Reader Rabbit and his friends at Wordville are about to put on a variety show when they discover that someone has stolen all their scripts, costumes, props, and sets. Players help the Wordville gang recover all the missing items by playing eight different educational games and four short activities.
The games cover math, early reading, science, art, and music. Some of these activities are quite engaging. Kid-testers particularly liked an activity where they had to measure things using animal feet (instead of the traditional foot measurement). A separate CD called Learning Creations adds some additional open-ended art and calendar activities.
As with Buzz Lightyear, Reader Rabbit 1st Grade has some flaws. The difficulty levels automatically progress without manual adjustment; so the activities may get too hard too quickly. Other weaknesses include insufficient help when a child is struggling, and too much uninterruptible talking.
The strength of Reader Rabbit 1st Grade is its compelling story line that makes children want to return to the program repeatedly. Because of its easy content, it is best for beginning first graders.

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Reader Rabbit 1st Grade with Learning Creations
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Android