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Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier

Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier



This title’s study of nature is a little different: it is set in the Star Wars universe and includes such things as fulumpasets and kaadus. Here, children create ecosystems using plants and animals found in the world according to Star Wars.
Children research each plant and animal before releasing it onto a moon environment selected for this ecological experiment. The challenge is to create a balanced ecosystem. The program also offers more directed-play with 13 separate missions.

What makes the learning here so powerful is that children are in control of what and how they learn. Simulations like this one create wonderful opportunities for children to learn in their own manner and at their own pace. With Gungan Frontier, instead of “May the Force be with you,” children themselves become the “Force”--of nature.

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Star Wars Episode I: The Gungan Frontier
Company: Lucas Learning
Price: 20.00
Platforms: Mac