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Math Mysteries Series

Math Mysteries Series



This five-title series focuses on how to teach students to solve word problems. Each title involves a mystery. As students explore virtual environments and solve word problems for a cast of quirky characters, they learn the steps needed to solve word problems successfully. By playing, students learn to understand the word problem, single out the important information, and then solve and check their solution. Every time they successfully solve a word problem, a character rewards them with a clue to solving the mystery.
Each title in this series comes with two mystery CD’s—one for the whole class to play together on a big screen, and one for individual or small group exploration. The titles are Measurement, Whole Numbers, Fractions, Advanced Numbers, and Advanced Fractions. Both teachers and students adore these titles because they make learning fun.

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Math Mysteries Series
Company: Tom Snyder Productions
Price: 80.00
Platforms: Mac