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Math Arena

Math Arena



If you teach 4th-6th graders, this is five-star software you will not want to miss. Featuring 20 activities that align with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, Math Arena engages students in higher level thinking skills.
Ten of the activities focus on problem solving. For example, in the “Flipster” activity, students work with transformations such as “flip,” “slide,” or “rotate.” The other ten activities deal with estimation, prediction, number relationships, and computational skills.
Math Arena allows students to practice each of the 20 different activities and then move on to a classroom contest in a 3-round Math Arena Competition. The teacher management section makes running the competition easy, and important performance reports are readily assessable.
Math Arena is available in a teachers editon for $90 and a home edition for $30.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Math Arena
Company: Sunburst Communications
Price: 90.00
Platforms: Mac