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Ernie's Adventures in Space

Ernie's Adventures in Space



Ernie’s Adventures in Space takes on the same format as that found in Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventure. This time, young children help fastidious Bert find his missing paper clip, eraser, and bottle cap collections which Ernie “accidentally” jettisoned into space.
As players direct Ernie’s spaceship in space, they will eventually encounter five activities to play with other Sesame Street friends. The activities are fun and educationally sound. For example, the Count needs help launching rockets in the correct order—perhaps from shortest to tallest. The Twiddlebugs need help putting pictures in order to tell a story. However, the activity with Cookie Monster is truly inspired! As always, he is in hot pursuit of COOKIES! This time he needs the player’s help in devising Rube-Goldberg-type contraptions that will shoot him out into space so he can grab dangling cookies!
This title suffers the same pitfalls of the Elmo Adventure title in that the activities are hard to come upon, it has repetitive animations, and there is no control over the leveling of the activities. However, as with the Elmo title, when you do find the activities, they are great!

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Ernie's Adventures in Space
Company: Mattel Media
Price: 20.00
Platforms: N/A