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Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventures

Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventures



Irrepressible Elmo and perpetual grumbler, Oscar the Grouch, star in this new Sesame Street adventure. Oscar has discovered that the ocean is a great source of garbage. He solicits Elmo’s help in collecting underwater garbage. Players control Elmo’s yellow submarine as he ventures out into the ocean. In the process of searching for garbage, Elmo swims into other friends from Sesame Street who need help. For example, Telly Monster needs assistance in putting together geometric picture puzzles; and Zoe Monster needs help with her lifeguarding and asks the player to find swimmers who are making certain sounds. There are five underwater activities, each automatically progresses in difficulty when the child succeeds. Unfortunately, there is no way for a parent or teacher to control this automatic leveling so if the program becomes too difficult, you must exit and restart the software
The learning activities within this program are excellent but they can be difficult to find. As children search for garbage and return it to Oscar, more underwater areas open for exploration. However, children can wander aimlessly for several minutes before stumbling upon an activity. There are also several animations that are repetitive and cannot be “clicked through.”

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Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventures
Company: Mattel Media
Price: 20.00
Platforms: N/A