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IntelPlay Me2Cam Computer Video Camera and Fun Fair CD-ROM

IntelPlay Me2Cam Computer Video Camera and Fun Fair CD-ROM



With this inexpensive video camera and CD-ROM set, children can morph inside a video game to become the player in five virtual environments. By mounting the video camera on the top of your computer monitor, the camera takes videos of your child moving in front of the computer and transposes those images onto the computer screen. The child’s image becomes the cursor, and the player controls the video-image by simply moving in front of the camera. For example, in one of the environments, as children step in front of the camera, they immediately see themselves snowboarding down a mountain slope. If they lean to the left, their cursor-image will go to the left. Children need to steer with their bodies to miss obstacles like moguls or trees.
In addition to snowboarding, children can transport themselves into a pinball machine where they become the flippers, visit a dance club where they control the pace of the music by stomping their feet, explore a Fun Zone with wacky mirrors and other cool stuff, and play in a bubble room where they can pop bubbles by jumping up to touch them.
This program automatically generates party favors because it periodically takes snapshots of the player-cursor that can be printed. This wholesome, full-body entertainment ranks right up there with bumper bowling and playing laser tag.

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IntelPlay Me2Cam Computer Video Camera and Fun Fair CD-ROM
Company: IntelPlay
Price: 69.00
Platforms: N/A