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The Home Gene-Splicing Kit

The Home Gene-Splicing Kit



This nifty piece of software allows children to play with the physical attributes of faces to create new mutants. It comes with a wide array of human and animal faces and allows children to mix-and-match eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and facial shapes to create funny and weird combinations. After a child has gene-spliced a new creation, that mutant can be printed out in lots of fun ways, like zany trading cards or as stickers. These printable versions can be lots of fun to trade.
For a party situation, if you have a scanner, ask the guests to bring photos of themselves to add to the gene pool. Or, if you own a digital camera, you can take a picture of each child at arrival and add it to the gene pool. That way the children can see what they would look like if they had their best friend's nose and the mouth of the kid down the block. They can even play with the faces of famous people or their pet dog. This crazy, wacky fun will produce laughter from all involved.
This software may be hard to find in retail stores, but you can acquire it directly from the publisher either as a CD-ROM or as a download.

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The Home Gene-Splicing Kit
Company: You-Betcha! Interactive
Price: 20.00
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch