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Math Blaster: Ages 7-8

Math Blaster: Ages 7-8



With this outer space theme, children explore an intergalactic carnival in which the rides and games are really math exercises. As children quest for the Intergalactic Trophy at the carnival, they play with fun aliens as they hone their math skills and learn about: place value, time, math facts, charts, graphs, money, patterns, fractions, and logical thinking. All this math learning occurs while throwing pies in a contest, dunking aliens at the dunking booth, riding roller coaster rides, and playing at several other wacky attractions.
This strong title offers many levels of difficulty and an excellent motivational system of awarding medals and providing arcade games as bonus rounds. Choose this title for children who like fast-paced arcade games. Because it mixes pure entertainment with math learning, it is a good title for children who are hesitant to play a “math title.”

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Math Blaster: Ages 7-8
Company: Knowledge Adventure
Price: 30.00
Platforms: Mac