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Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted House

Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted House



An exciting Nancy Drew mystery set in a Victorian Mansion.
The Bottom Line
Compelling mystery game, especially for girls.

Role-Playing Game with Strong Heroine

This role-playing mystery features a strong heroine in a non-violent game for preteen and teenage girls. In this, Nancy Drew's third cyber-mystery, girls join Nancy in a Victorian mansion. With many strange events happening including ghostly sounds, gas leaks, mysterious accidents, and threatening notes, all is not as it appears on the surface. Girls sleuth as Nancy to uncover the mystery of this mansion.

Why This Mystery Is Good

The graphics are phenomenal, and the soundtrack contributes to building the suspense. As players move from room to room in the mansion, they use an onscreen magnifying glass to uncover clues. They will also have to solve mini-puzzles and interview people to unravel this mystery.
In Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted House, there are even three levels of difficulty, guaranteeing hours of sleuthing. Testers particularly appreciated this game's unique 'second chance' feature, which brings players back to the point right before they make a serious mistake.
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion creates a unique mystery adventure by blending a compelling storyline with top-notch graphics and challenging gameplay. This is a winner!

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Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted House
Company: Her Interactive
Price: 14.59
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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