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Arthur's Preschool

Arthur's Preschool



Youngsters join Arthur in playing eight learning games with his friends.
The Bottom Line
This fun preschool game creates a no-fail environment in which to learn.


Children join Arthur, the star of numerous books and television, in visiting eight of his friends and playing a fun game with each. Those games include helping Baby Kate to uncover letters of the alphabet in the sandbox, Francine to count the number of baseballs she has hit during baseball practice, and Binky to create bridges for ladybugs out of leaves, sticks, or flowers. Youngsters will also learn about shapes, sorting, and emotions.

Game Analysis

This software works so well because of how it handles teaching. It provides excellent tutorials at the beginning of each game. The feedback is positive, even when the child is struggling to find the right answer. Unlike many ill-guided preschool programs, this software redirects children to the correct answer by highlighting or offering additional help from the computer buddies. It creates a no-fail environment in which to learn.

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Arthur's Preschool
Company: The Learning Company
Price: 29.99
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon