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Blue's Art Time Activities

Blue's Art Time Activities



Blue, the adorable canine star of the Blue's Clues television show, wags her tail at art and helps kids get excited about being creative.
The Bottom Line
A fun way to introduce young children to art activities.


In this title, Blue, the adorable canine star of the Blue's Clues television show, wags her tail at art. Because Blue's enthusiasm is catching, children playing with her get excited about art. Blue and her friends need help preparing for the Really Big Art Show at their school.

How to Play

Kids help the preparations by playing five different art activities. Youngsters help Periwinkle the Cat create illustrations for her storybook. Kid-testers were thrilled to see their illustrations incorporated into Periwinkle's book. Chalk Girl teaches children how to construct a mural using geometric shapes; Al Luminum shows children how they can use recycled materials to create a diorama. With Marvy Marker, kids create an invitation to the art show. On the playground, children join in a game that teaches about color mixing.

Game Analysis

This program does a nice job of introducing young children to art concepts such as layout and composition, illustration, design, and color mixing. The navigation in this Blue's CD-ROM is not as intuitive as some of the earlier Blue's software titles; but once you get a hang of it, kids will enjoy expressing their creative selves.

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Blue's Art Time Activities
Company: Humongous
Price: 24.99
Platforms: Mac
Available: Amazon

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