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Positive role model Olivia the Pig dreams big in four stories that can be read in either a brighter daytime or quieter nighttime mode.
The land is your canvas and the trees your paint in this fascinating nature simulation where kids create a wilderness in which to explore, watch, and interact.
This feminine, feisty flock of angry birds will have you strategizing to solve its delightful puzzles, while also reaching for your wallet for in-app purchases.
Fans of the Wallykazam show get to play four reading games with Wally and friends.
Frozen fans explore the "flipside" to this heartwarming story about 2 sisters and 2 set of feelings by turning their device upside down to read both points of view.
Seven circus animals need your child's help in settling down for bed.
This clever game makes using math fun by having kids draw geometric shapes to defeat monsters.
Calling all truck-loving kids! This app lets your toddler or young preschooler loose in a construction site full of trucks to drive, houses to paint, and brick walls to build.
Become a world class wordsmith by answering responsive quiz questions in this word app that adjusts as you play.
By using humor, rhyming poems, and clever mnemonic clues, this app makes learning 400 of the most used SAT words a breeze.
In a world where grasshoppers make music, bees produce honey, and spiders spin webs, a little caterpillar seeks to find out what makes him special.
Fascinating storybook about Van Gogh's life and work where kids get to paint within and solve mechanical puzzles.
Girls create and direct their own video stories with as assist from Dora and her friends Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana, and Pablo.
18 animated balls with charming personalities roll through vertical mazes to create rollicking fun and teach logical thinking.
It's your turn to do the haunting in this spooky house, where you scare its unsuspecting housemates. While some kids will think this is silly spooky fun, others might find it upsetting.
Little monsters, bubbling with personality, want to play with you!
Solve hidden objects puzzles inside an eerie mansion!
Well done jigsaws puzzles, memory games, and match-3 puzzles, all with Halloween themes.
Kids put masks on their faces using the camera with this clever Halloween app. And its FREE!