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Dinosaurs stomp, snort, grunt, and roar while introducing young children to comparison words.
Jake and Finn from Adventure Time invite you to join them in making your own video games!
Join Doc McStuffins on a bicycle race to rescue broken toys where players perform the doctoring and the driving.
While cute Teddy Bears abound, these six preschool learning games are a mixed bag.
Kids design racetracks for Monster Truck Blaze in this racing app based on a Nick Jr. TV show.
Kids learn to count by helping Farmer Jo with her animals in this charming pop-up book.
A perfect toddler and preschooler romp through a magical forest filled with fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters.
Expand kids' minds with this set of fascinating logic puzzles filled with zing and zip!
Don't just watch TV -- create it! Now budding actors can record videos and (safely) share their talents with the world!
A madcap Christmas adventure starring Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse where the dueling duo must put aside their antagonism to help Santa.
Hanukkah-themed coloring pages with lots of options including paint-by-numbers.
Help Santa get ready for his big day by styling his hair and beard in wacky ways!
Baking and decorating a gingerbread house is a breeze with this virtual cooking app.
This app version of the classic TV special warms the heart and tickles kids' fingers with interactivity.
Snuggle up with Elmo to learn about the meaning of love.
Brain-stretching puzzles about cutting swinging objects to make candy drop into the adorable alien Om Nom's mouth.
Charmingly interactive version of the classic Christmas tale.
Kids rule this school as they fill the classrooms with diverse characters, seek out interactive surprises, and use their imaginations to tell stories.
A visually arresting puzzle game filled with landscapes that would have made M.C. Escher proud.