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This revamped version of the Dr. Seuss classic book overflows with fun animations, interactions, and learning games.
Hilarious monsters cavort across the screen as they act out the meaning of Spanish words.
Spend a day on the farm driving machinery, raising crops, and taking care of animals.
Kids become urban explorers, joining cool characters from their favorite Toca apps to discover diverse delights in the big city.
This funky digital town is waiting your child's exploration. Kids create their own games with its inhabitants, visit six locations, and discover hidden treasures nestled in unlikely places.
Make math your mission in this STEM game specially targeted towards girls.
Free NIH-sponsored game teaches kids about heart health with fantastic monsters, fun mini-games, and more!
A collection of static books that read aloud to your child. The collection is curated by a children's librarian and suggestions are made based on books previously selected.
Kids become robot inventors, and then test their wacky creations in a challenging obstacle course.
Children cheer up grumpy animals by tickling them in this laughter-inducing gigglefest.
A clever thief sneaks into situations rife with negative emotions and steals the prefix "un" off of words to make things more positive.
When little monster Wince worries so much that he attracts an unwanted WorryBug, he must learn to change.
Pawing and huffing, Angus the Bull shares an important lesson about overcoming anger.
Instead of being afraid of the monsters in the dark, kids unmask the ghostly forms to see the real objects causing the shadows.
Head to the beach to play thinking games involving coloring, building, and sound matching.
Enter a world where monsters cavort as they swap out body parts in order to fly, swim, and stomp.
Tool-wielding becomes safe in this fun hands-on environment about building things with friends.
A delightful hands-on story about a lost coin rolling through a zoo.
Daniel the Tiger helps kids learn to recognize and respond to different emotions.
Frolic with the famous Very Hungry Caterpillar in this reimagined world of Eric Carle’s book.