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An adorable pet monster overcomes its fear of doctors.
A version of the Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer story based on a 1964 TV special that is filled with adventure.
In this eye-opening dress-up game, girls see that they can be doctors, firefighters, and more.
Dr. Seuss' inventive holiday tale about how the Grinch tried to keep Christmas from coming.
This app version of the classic TV special warms the heart and tickles kids' fingers with interactivity.
Charmingly interactive version of the classic Christmas tale.
This feminine, feisty flock of angry birds will have you strategizing to solve its delightful puzzles, while also reaching for your wallet for in-app purchases.
An engaging geography app has kids driving over the 50 states.
In this heartfelt book app, a baby raccoon learns to overcome his fear of separating from his mother.
Adapted from Sandra Boynton's beloved board book, this charming app about 10 animals going to bed captivates kids by including them in the silly late-night shenanigans.
Who knew that packing grocery bags could be a blast? Well it can be, especially when the groceries are alive and have distinct personalities.