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In this fun simulation game, kids open their own dinosaur zoo and operate it to earn money.
Players join Ansel, an adorable alien photographer from the planet of Virtoos, and his side-kick robot Clair to travel back in time to when Jurassic dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Dino-loving kids can travel back in time to see 8 dinos from the Triassic era.
Girls become creators to turn astronauts, doctors, authors, and more into princesses to tell contemporary heroine tales.
This free app offers photos of people expressing emotions so that kids can practice deciphering body language and expressions.
For speech-impaired kids, Proloquo2Go becomes the child's voice. The app provides a pictorial interface for kids to use.
If you have a child with dyslexia or a preschooler who is frequently mixing up his b's and d's or p's and q's, this app can help.
Letters comes alive -- wiggling, blinking, and saying sounds -- while monsters juggle, bellow, and nose around in this madcap alphabet adventure.
AlphaTots combines the 26 letters of the alphabet with 26 fun mini-games.
A little bear rides his scooter around his neighborhood to tell his friends goodnight, and in the process, practices counting the snoozing animals.
An imaginative romp with a little girl and her three best friends -- a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, and an elephant.
In this heartfelt book app, a baby raccoon learns to overcome his fear of separating from his mother.
This great first app for toddlers encourages little fingers to swipe the screen to find the animals hiding underneath.
The classic children's song gets a facelift in this app as it adds zany, original stanzas. With rich interactivity, this is a must-download for families with toddlers.
Young kids help to create balloon animals and then get to play with them by tapping. The adorable balloonimals reward kids' touches with hilarious animations.
Playing peek-a-boo goes digital with this fun toddler app about guessing which animal is hiding behind the rattling barn doors.
Offering exciting adventures with charming kids Beck and Bo, this app is a great way to introduce kids to digital play. Toddlers and preschoolers will learn to drag-and-drop objects as they increase their vocabularies.
This gleeful app is a madcap adventure about getting dressed. It stars four animals donning colorful clothing, but the turkey can't seem to figure out what goes where. Merriment ensues!
This app teaches young kids (ages 3-6) how to create a cartoon.
If your kids love imagining monsters and beasts, this book takes them on a monster-filled romp with a timid boy and the alphabet.