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By combining an alien-themed game with the drilling of facts about the 44 presidents of the United States, this ingenious app makes learning history wacky fun.
Solve water physics puzzles featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang.
Kids use a set of robots programmed to do specific building tasks to construct digital worlds in which to play, create stories, and produce art.
Kids wrangle a virtual hose to put out fires across 30 levels of puzzle play. These fiery conundrums have no time limits and an unlimited supply of water.
Kids can build wiggling Jello-like structures made up of google-eyed, gibberish-talking balls.
This app makes a full-length Disney TV show interactive by adding play elements into the show. This app comes with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally for free, with other appisodes available for purchase from inside the app.
Kids make their own animated movies starring Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang from Toy Story.
A set of puzzles about flinging objects but with a unique twist: the player gets to draw the objects to be flung.
This ingenious app shows kids an animal's face on the screen and teaches them to draw the body on real paper placed underneath your device.
This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.
This app tells the story of Little Critter going on a city outing with his mom, which has many unexpected surprises.
Designed to be a resource for new parents, this bi-lingual app (English and Spanish) provides 13 interactive games for parents and kids to play together on their device.
Grimm's fanciful tale about a nervy, talking cat who cleverly makes his master wealthy.
Kids fix flat tires, tow broken-down cars, sort trash from the garbage truck, and more in this truck-based activity app for preschoolers and kindergartners.
Kids race monster trucks, use a firetruck's hose to put out a fire, take cars to the junk yard and smash them, and operate a crane in this fun truck-themed activity center.
With lovable hero cars and puzzles filled with wacky contraptions, this app both entertains and challenges kids to think.
Plastic Bottle Scrooge, who notices that Earth Day is coming, responds with "Bah. The environment. Humbug." So starts this charming environmental romp based on the Dickens' classic.
Young artists paint by collecting color from the real world. They use the camera function of the device to capture a color or pattern to then use as paint.
Delightful rhyming story or song presented as an interactive book about jungle animals.