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A variation of Charades where the group acts out words, trying to help the designated player figure out what is on the hidden screen of his/her smartphone or tablet.
Sophisticated and magnificent, this fairy tale is meant to be enjoyed by older children and even adults.
A modern version of the classic tale where Little Red is the heroine, and she saves her granny from the wolf. The app lets you choose your own path through the woods, so when you replay it, you can experience several different endings.
Colorful animals become instruments in this musical app for toddlers.
Five fun activities featuring cute animals inspire kids to get musical.
Featuring three interactive songs and a music creation area, this app is a delightful way to introduce young children to music.
Kids explore 18 different activities that teach early learning concepts such as counting, patterns, shapes, logic and more. And they do it while playing with realistic-looking bugs.
A clever math practice app that uses a mystery theme to get sleuths rearranging numbers to make equations.
Exciting math puzzler that secretly teaches kids algebra in a step-by-step manner.
Disappointing sequel to the popular Where's My Water app. By moving to the free-to-play mode, this puzzle app loses its magic because Disney seeks to make money by frustrating the player with an energy timer. And it isn't really free -- you eventually have to pay or have Facebook friends bail you out.
An eco-simulation game where kids are in charge of designing and protecting their own island from environmental disasters.
Sequel to the popular Plants vs. Zombies app retains the fun fighting plants and the wacky zombies, but it loses some of its magic by going to the free-to-play model where it makes money by enticing players to pay for power-ups.
These puzzles are about spinning virtual hoops around your finger. Players match certain speeds, and when they do, they create music.
Kids create scenes using special animated stickers that move and interact with the setting in which they are placed.
Insightful book app that reveals how people have unique traits that make them different.
Three goofy animals are waiting for your kids to drag objects to them for approval or disdain. This is a hilarious way to teach children about emotions.
Second in a series of graphic novels for kids, this book app explores friendships and some of the issues that can come up, including eating disorders, disputes, being used, and other important topics.
Filled with bells and whistles only possible in an app, kids experience this classic story about Charlie Brown leading his gang of unsupportive underdogs in a baseball game.
A highly interactive book app that follows Ruff the dog through 12 different scene as he chases his wayward bone.
Sandra Boynton's board book comes alive as an app. Kids help the silly animals dance and party to fun banjo music.