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If your child is one of the 11.5 million kids who plays on each month, you can now be clairvoyant about what they are watching and playing -- even if you are halfway around the world.
Kids record their voices singing and watch the film clips with themselves as the Disney princesses, trolls, princes, ice gatherers, or snowmen!
If your little stylist-in-training wants to try giving haircuts, they'll love this digital salon. Creative styling tools and fun animations let kids experiment -- without chopping off their own lovely locks!
Outer space becomes a digital playground in this open-ended exploration app from Sago Sago.
Instead of text messaging with your loved ones, you can now video message instead, by leaving Chatwala videos. This app is free, innovative, and can help you stay connected to the important people in your life.
A sweet story about how Brother and Sister Bear land on the perfect Mother's Day present.
A fanciful and fun tool for creating faces out of everyday objects including food, toys, tools, and more.
When adorable bear-like Kiddie is good about following his bedtime ritual, he gets to put stickers on his going-to-bed chart. So does your child!
Does your toddler or preschooler frequently get up way before the crack of dawn? Sleepasaurus might be just what you need. This app encourages your child to stay asleep until the baby dino sleeping on the screen wakes up.
PiggyBot makes keeping track of your kid's allowance a piece of cake.
For children who can't yet tell time, this app presents the passage of time in a visual manner such as the screen slowly filling up with color.
Wild animals are running amok in your backyard!
Dolphins leap, pufferfish bloat, and submersibles await your piloting in this fun, build-and-play, eco-ocean game.
Cute and curious alien Plum sends kids on missions outside to take nature photos. The photos can be shared with Plum by submitting them to a safe, vetted PBS Kids' Plum Landing site for posting.
Kids learn about ants by reading this beautifully presented book app, which has a nifty slider on each page to adjust the reading difficulty.
Grab your kid and fire up your iPad for a fast-paced game of matching shapes -- one you can play together!
Preschoolers play eight learning games with the characters from Eric Carle's beloved children's books in this new app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
Your kids will jump and jiggle on jelly to find the letter J in this playful alphabet app full of thinking games and silly characters.
Monster Gurk learns to overcome his shyness with the help of a caring little boy.
This clever app brilliantly brings finger counting into the digital age. Kids use their fingers to bring digit characters to life.