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Cute and curious alien Plum sends kids on missions outside to take nature photos. The photos can be shared with Plum by submitting them to a safe, vetted PBS Kids' Plum Landing site for posting.
Preschoolers play eight learning games with the characters from Eric Carle's beloved children's books in this new app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
Your kids will jump and jiggle on jelly to find the letter J in this playful alphabet app full of thinking games and silly characters.
People from around the world can join you to build towers by moving 3D blocks. Will this anonymous cooperation help or hinder your building?
Take real photos to help some aliens in this clever app that combines real world and digital play with parental involvement.
An endless runner game where kids have to actually run and jump in place to make their avatar move on the screen.
Adorable monsters introduce kids to a set of hilariously animated words in this free, try-before-you-buy reading app. This app is a sequel to Endless Alphabet, but it stands on its own.
Kids travel back in time to meet Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and other famous Revolutionary War heroes in this engaging app that makes history come alive.
A magical story about the imaginative adventures of a little girl and her friend The Owl as they travel world at night.
This digital playground filled with geometric shapes and corresponding holes invites exploration by the toddler and preschooler set. It cleverly sets forth logical thinking challenges that get progressively harder.
This lovely book app tells the story of seven animals going to bed in and around a farmhouse. As you visit each animal, you can interact with it to help it settle in for the night.
21 animals await your touching. Their responses to your touch, tap, or swipe are magical, endearing, and hilarious.
A giant sandbox full of construction vehicles are waiting for your truck enthusiast.
Kids and their traveling parents or distant relatives can draw together in a shared space by using this app, which also provides a free telephone call.
A book-reading service where a child and a distant relative can read a book together in real time by each opening up this free app. The book appears on the screen of each idevice to be read aloud while the two snuggle up in a video chat.
A diversity story about an ordinary boy who discovers he is special while attending a school for superheroes.
This classic fairy tale is presented in an innovative way that blends gaming and reading so that reluctant readers will be intrigued.
A wacky, vegetable sorting game that teaches kids about healthy eating.
Kids solve eye-popping puzzles by paying attention to the layered colors of paintings of animals.
Kids animate geometric shapes in this stop-motion film-creator app. They will learn to combine or layer shapes on top of each other to create more interesting characters.