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Apps for Creating Movies and Comics

Apps for Creating Movies and Comics

Who knows what movies and stories are hiding inside your child’s imagination?

Your child might be the next Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, or Charles Schultz. With the right apps, kids can don the director’s hat to create animated short films or personalized comic strips. These apps can help unleash your child’s creative juices.
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FriendStrip Kids


Kids become stars of their own comic strips by taking and then placing photos in a template and tweaking the talk bubbles.

ABCya Animate


Elegant app for teaching kids how to create their own stop-motion films. Kids can draw their own characters or use the stamps provided by the app.

Easy Studio


Kids animate geometric shapes in this stop-motion film-creator app. They will learn to combine or layer shapes on top of each other to create more interesting characters.



Ready, Set, Action! With this set of intuitive digital tools, your kids will be creating and directing their own cartoons.

Dora and Friends

2.99 - 4.99

Girls create and direct their own video stories with as assist from Dora and her friends Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana, and Pablo.



Don't just watch TV -- create it! Now budding actors can record videos and (safely) share their talents with the world!

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine (App)


Kids make and direct their own stop-motion animated shorts.